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First of all I need to apologize for taking so long to post something. We went through the process of owning our first home recently and it has been way too overwhelming. But the good news is that there will be lots of new DIY projects and images coming your way. I have been posting a lot of Instagram and Facebook if you are keeping track. 

So here is a long overdue post on our trip to Quebec. There are lots more photos to share since we took over a thousand photographs combined. There are two amazing churches that needs to be shared in pictures with you. Looking at these photographs only makes me wonder how I managed to come back to Dallas. I have never seen such a beautiful city as Quebec City. Yet! ;)

This city has a bit of everything in it which is very evident when you look through the set of selected images here. It was very hard to pick and choose. One of the oldest cities in North America, the city sits on the Saint Lawrence River and there are amazing views of the River since the city is also very hilly. The city still preserves the colonial fort that dates back to 1608 and its narrow streets, stone walls, cobblestone streets, palatial roofs and flamboyant architecture gives it an European feel. This European feel is all throughout Quebec. Remember my post on Montreal

Take the photo journey...

As much as we enjoyed looking at the architecture and the panorama, we also took in the people. They were much different than the people I watch in and around my own town here in Dallas. They were much more relaxed and laid back. They looked like they are enjoying life. Don't think that they were tourists. It was very easy to distinguish between the two. For example this lady on the balcony. She was sitting down with a glass of wine and reading a book. The photo does no justice in capturing her facial expressions reflecting what she is reading. 

And then look at this man in pink sitting by himself. Seems like he is waiting for someone, isn't it?

There was so much architecture to look at that my eyes hurt. Just in this photo here, you can see so many things happening all in the same frame. 

The narrow streets and their awnings made me feel so cozy and safe. The storefronts were bewildering. I had to see everything, yet I couldn't.

There was also a lot of colour. Everywhere.

This narrow street was having an art sale. And the artists were sitting in front of their displays, sketching away. 

There were all different kinds of doors and window treatments. Eye candy.

The green was really really green.

The paving in this little circle here were of course in a radial pattern. How amazing!

It almost as a feeling of motion involved. The church in this photo is the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires.

What did I tell you about storefronts?

There were public restrooms but they were unisex. I had to take care of  my business in a stall with a man in the next stall. Weird. 

Oh and there were murals. And not just murals. Amazing murals.

More candid shots of people.

The decor in this city was so eclectic that I was blown away.

Remember the man in the pink? He never met anyone for his meal. He was enjoying himself. Although it felt like he is directly looking into the eyes of someone sitting opposite to him. 

The building profiles were wonderful. There was something to see anywhere you looked.

Take a look at this patterned metal cutout stairs.

The city's skyline is dominated by this huge hotel Château Frontenac.

Lots of brick and stone architecture.

Each shop had an unique style and display.

Building facades were so busy with so many things happening and such different buildings stacking against each other that it was fascinating. 

Cantilevered window boxes with intricate overhanging railings on top.

Window reflections line the streets.

And all different types of windows gather together in one building facade.

There were lots of horse drawn carriages to go with the palace like feel of the place.

And to add to that there were fountains located in centers of squares and plazas.

Random people played music or drew pictures on the street corners.

And there were tulips.

This is the Parliament Building of Quebec City and there were people in tents doing their silent and civilized protests in front of it just like in any other big city. 

There were thick city walls that were wrapped with green grass so that people could lay on them and take in the vista surrounding the city. 

Everywhere you turned there was a whole new view with new architecture and nature to look at.

We sat on the enormous grass area and took in the view. It was much too relaxing.

There was this amazing old man playing some awesome harp.

And more murals. My cousin said that these murals needed to be sat and looked at. Because you will see something new the more you look into it. And it was true. 

I wish to go back and take it all in once again. Thank you for taking the time to look through this really long post. 


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