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Food: eggplant/shrimp mash [begun chingri bhorta]

Eggplant is a very versatile vegetable that is quite popular in all cuisines be it French, Italian, Middle-eastern, Chinese, or Bangladeshi. It is quite fascinating, isn't it? Rice is a staple for Bangladeshis and with this rice a "bhorta" which basically means anything that is mashed goes very well together. In the Bengali cuisine anything and everything can be made into a "bhorta". But the begun or eggplant bhorta/mash is quite traditional. The eggplant is burned over the stove and then mashed with spices and mustard oil and this brings out an incredible coal flavored dish. I have taken that traditional recipe and made it in my own way by baking/broiling the eggplant and adding some crispy shrimp with it. 

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