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Dwell: three cups of tea [bangladeshi cha]

Cha or tea is an indispensable part of the Bangladeshi lifestyle. There are little tea shacks spruced up at every nook and cranny of any city there. And these shacks are never empty and the tea kettle is never off the stove except when tea is poured out from it onto little glass cups. The tea cups in Bangladesh are all pretty much the same dainty size (similar to the ones in the images). They are not enormous like the coffee mugs here in the States. A lot of tea is drank but in separate little cups instead of all at once. And tea is always steaming hot not mildly warm like coffee here. Raging conversations about politics and social issues area stormed over several cups of tea in these street shacks, at offices, schools and home. Tea is essential in the morning with breakfast and the entire country takes a tea break in the afternoon. And the afternoon tea time is always accompanied with snacks like a kolijar shingara. Just the thought of it makes me giddy. 

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