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Art: hand painted wall in gold

Ever since we moved into this house more than a year ago, I have been planning this project to do a pattern on the wall. As much as I love simple white walls, I felt that these three tall windows by the vintage bathtub needed to be framed. I have thought about doing a wall paper but all the walls of this house are textured and I would have to sand it down before applying the wallpaper. Also, whenever I see a wallpaper or a stencil I feel bold enough to be able to paint it myself. As in....why wouldn't I just draw it! Stencils and wall papers are great - I love them. But this was a small surface that I felt I could take on with my free hand. What happened when I did it freehand instead of a stencil is that it became organic. No matter how much I tried, I could not get the exact same flower pattern to repeat itself. And this is what gives it it's uniqueness. And I knew that if I messed up, I could just paint white over it. 
The image below is the original bathroom that came wit…

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