DIY: Handpainted Objects

When I am thrifting, I am always on the lookout for solid wood pieces with enough surface for me to fill with my artwork. This is what is common in all three of these frames you see in the first photo. They gave me enough surface to work with. And I love that. 

Same thing with this beautiful server set. The long handle is made of beautiful solid wood, and I thoroughly enjoyed painting over them. 

This frame was unique in the sense that the frame around the glass was concaved inward at an angle. It was tough to paint this one but I used a thing brush to lay over the angled sides with bright pops of color. 

This yellow frame I tried to mimic the Jamdani motif pattern. Jamdani is an exclusive shari/saree made only in Bangladesh. I tried to bring that motif alive with acrylic over wood. 

With the red and white frame I used the Nokshi motif. Nokshi is a type of stitching which was solely used to be done on Bangladeshi summer quilts, but thanks to pop culture it is now widespread in clothing and decor. 

For this collage shadow box, I used the famous Rickshaw Art to bring some lotuses alive over and around the wide wood frame. These frames are now available on 



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