Travel: montreal, quebec, canada - first batch

We took numerous photos on our Canada trip and it's been taking me a while to sort and figure out which photos to share with you all. This part is very difficult because I want to share them all! But I had to pick and choose...arghh. So here is the first batch of snaps from Montreal. A city full of life. It's the largest city in Quebec where French is the first language. Well, all of Quebec is predominantly French-speaking. Montreal is set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and named after Mt. Royal. Mt. Royal is the reason behind choosing these first two photographs where in the distance you can actually see it. In the first photo, you can see that there is a big cross sitting on top of the hill. It lights up at night and you can see it from anywhere in Montreal. My cousin told us that nothing can be built that is taller than Mt. Royal because it will take away from the view of and from the top of the hill. How wonderful is that?

The first thing we did in Montreal was eat, of course! Montreal is knows for it's meat and specifically smoked meat. We ate at Schwartz's which is the best known. So definitely eat there if you are around. I don't think I could eat so much meat in one sitting. Their coleslaw was to die for!

A particularly cute and French speaking server kept us well looked after throughout our meal and when we were leaving he surprised us by speaking Bengali! A French speaking cute Bangladeshi! I should have taken a photo with him - not for my keepsake - but for all you beautiful singles out there, of course ;)

There was graffiti all over town. There was so much going on around me that I had a really hard time deciding what to see and what to capture. 

All sorts of amazing cafes/bistros/delis/restaurants flanked the Boul. St-Laurent. And in between all of these were flats/condos/apartments/townhomes. I decided that I could totally live here :)

The restaurant storefronts were the coolest. There was so much art and creativity around, it was fascinating.

Each facade was different from the look to the minute details of it's doors and windows.

And let me tell you about the people! We seriously felt as though we stepped onto a street in Europe when we entered the cities of Quebec. That's when we felt like we were in a foreign country. Everything was different. And a wonderful different. There was so much to see architecturally and in nature and on top of that as if it were not enough - there were the people. All sorts of people in all sorts of fashion with all sorts of moods. I mean only if you are observant and into people-watching you will notice what I am talking about. I could sit there all day watching them. 

No two storefronts were the same. Look at the stark differences yet so wonderfully alike.

I have to give credit to my husband for taking his share of photos. We both snapped pictures - him with the dslr and me with my iphonography. But this particular photograph of his I think has a lot to say. Look at how each of the girlfriends have very very different expressions. Just take a look at this photo - I am sure you will notice that a lot is going on. I just might have to frame this one. So proud of the husband!

What a lovely coffee shop!

We couldn't stop taking photos of the people all around us because there were so many things happening.

This was a furniture store we fell in love with.

It had some really interesting pieces - in particular this light fixture.

Another shot of the graffiti that filled the bare walls.

There was a storm brewing and we got soaked a little but we also saw some really fun umbrellas flare out. 

I was in architecture heaven.

And suddenly there was a bookshop and we had to step in and it was stacked - I mean STACKED with books.

Yet another wonderful shot by my husband. She spotted us and threw out some peace.

Alleys and I have a love affair. I think it stems from growing up in a city.

Remember I said there were all these living quarters squeezed in between all the shops and galleries and cafes? Look at how adorable these gables are. I can just imagine being on the other side of those tiny windows. 

Storefront madness.

All the facades were stacked against one another and the differences in them made them even more interesting. 

And more people busy talking/eating/expressing.


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