Dwell: mother's garden update

It feels so good to be back posting after Google finally was able to fix their problem. I have been saving this post to show the fruition of my mother's loving garden in my sister's backyard. For the past few weeks, mother has been visiting us and nursing my heat burnt garden back to life. I will be posting my repotted and soiled plant's photos soon. For now enjoy shots of healthy vegetables and fruits. The first image is that of a long squash [lau or kodu]. If you are not familiar with this juicy vegetable, it is very close to a zucchini but much sweeter and fleshier.

Notice how many okras are trying to grow from just one lone branch.

These are broad bean flowers. How beautiful is the purple against the green?

Grapefruits are growing by inches everyday.

While my lemon tree dried out, my sister's is doing swell thanks to our mother's loving hands.

Her neem plant is taller than mine! Of course!

An assortment of chillies and herbs.

The broad bean vines are taking over the bitter melon. It is quite difficult to grow healthy vegetables in the scorching heat of Texas. The bitter melon is suffering thus.

The fig tree is bigger than ever!

Some more shots from the garden. Enjoy growing something of your own and share with us!


  1. I love your mom's backyard! this reminded me of when my parents used to have fruits and stuff but there were so many caterpillar and bugs also. :/

    1. Thanks! My mother is always complaining about caterpillars and bugs. There was also a snail attack once this year!


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