Dwell: the third bedroom [diy headboard]

I never thought I would buy a third bed to be placed into the third bedroom in our house. Rather, I expected it to be my crafts room. We used to have just a mattress straight on the floor that was foldable to be used as seating or sleeping as needed. 

However, we have such a large family and a blessing in the form that they are always gracing our home - we finally decided to place a queen size bed in this room. In the matter of bed sizes, I am a big fan of the queen. 

I picked this particular bed from Ikea because I decided on the headboard first and then picked a bed to go with it. The headboard is actually a room divider. I looked at many online and in store, and my are they expensive because of the wood and the intricacy. This was not my favourite one in terms of design but in terms of price I scored big from World Market with their coupons and rewards program. I would like to place the headboard higher but that requires it to be hung from the wall, and I am just taking my time to make a decision on that since I will not be moving it once it is on the wall!

Since the headboard has all over work on it, I wanted a low platform bed. I really loved this one bed from Urban Outfitters....but it was over my budget. When I saw this one from Ikea, I was immediately sold on the huge drawers (four) that provided for extra storage. And the color also worked well with the look I wanted. When I was putting the bed together, I was glad that it was super sturdy. What I like most about Ikea beds are their wood slats. They are thick solid wood slats in contrast to most bed slats out there. 

This room is not complete yet but it will do for now, and I wanted to share it's current stage with you. Thanks! 


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