Food: sweet potatoes + sweet green peas

I had mentioned in the tofu+cabbage post that I would share this recipe with you. So here it is. It is an absolutely wonderful side dish that will add to your daily vegetable diet. Sweet potatoes and green peas are also filled with all sorts of good stuff that is good for your body. And this dish tastes heavenly. If you are a fan of the peas then add more peas, and vice versa. 


2 sweet potatoes peeled and diced :: 2 cups of green peas :: oil+salt+pepper

Yes, those are the only ingredients that I use to make this dish. I like to keep it light and fresh when it comes to vegetables. And specially for a side dish, there is no need for extra fuss. But of course, you can spruce it up with more ingredients like onions, regular potatoes, red chili powder, a sauce or more vegetables. 


Heat a flat pan and add the oil. I use olive oil to get that beautiful fresh aroma. Then toss in the diced sweet potatoes. Sprinkle some salt and cover and cook. Toss them around often so that they don't burn. Let it steam and sweat and cook in it's own juice. Once they are close to being done, add the green peas. The peas need hardly any time to cook. Right before taking it off the stove sprinkle freshly cracked pepper and enjoy. Bon appetit!


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