DIY: Bone Inlay Inspired Round Tables

As much as I love painting bone inlay patterns, this is only the second time I have done this on furniture. My first project of this nature was on our own nightstands in our bedroom. Here is the link for that. 

I originally bought these pieces locally as the orangish red solid wood pieces. I knew I was going to do the pattern in white and so I decided to keep the bright distressed color.

I painted the smaller table first. I instinctively knew that I would do an all over design, meaning cover the entire table in the bone inlay design.

I did everything freehand, except for the diamond shaped pattern. I made a template for that shape and it was so much faster than if I had drawn them freehand everytime. 

The last time I did this on furniture, I used a paint marker. This time I used acrylic paint and paintbrush, which is why it was tedious to say the least. 

Originally I wanted to do the exact same design to both the tables. But to my surprise, my husband asked me to paint the top portion of the larger table first and then to take a step back and decide. He told me that he loved how the legs were accentuated by the white lines and that the beauty of that would be lost if I covered the entire table in the pattern. 

I followed his advise and realized that he was right! My software geek husband surprised me with his design insight...I mean I could only take credit in the fact that he has been exposed to good design through me! All in all I am super happy with the work. These tables are for sale through Etsy, Instagram and Facebook. 


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