Art: Black and White Ink Art

This series of paintings started with purchasing a gorgeous stack of cardstock sketch paper. I saw it and I immediately wanted to cover them with black ink. This art is reminiscent of my Inktober sketched from 2017. Once I did the first one, I couldn’t stop. I still go back to doing this series from time to time. The first one with the fish nose ring got so much love that I had to recreate it for a friend. 

I enjoyed inking the Mughal jewelry so much that I had to make one just to be able to draw more jewelry. 

I love peacock motifs and this was a really fun one. A very close friend in Dallas owns this and has it framed in her home office. 

This last one reminds me of my mother’s long long curls and how she would dry them by splaying them all over her back, sort of in the same manner as her. 


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