DIY: celebrating life

I have absolutely zero credit in this gorgeous decor and delish food that you are about to experience through these photos. These are pictures from my pregnancy celebration arranged by my loving family and friends in my second home - Dallas. The decor was almost entirely put together by my very talented nieces, and the food was made lovingly by my sisters and cousins. They picked green, gold and white as the main colors and intertwined greenery and nature with it. I was totally taken aback when I saw the entire set up and I keep going back to admire each and everything in these pictures.  

My nieces along with my nephew actually created this fence backdrop to fit perfectly in the bay window seat adjacent to the breakfast nook in my sister's home. The fence acts as a frame for any kind of backdrop to be placed on it. They have now used this for multiple occasions over the years. I carefully took the "Oh Baby" off to keep with me forever - it was cut freehand and taped with so much love and affection.

Here in the image below you can see how the wood fence sits in the bay window. Coincidentally the antique gold of the beautiful round chandelier only heightened the gorgeous green/gold/white theme. 

This white cake with chocolate inside was a special order to leave the cake undecorated, so that my nieces would be able to customize it with actual succulents! They bought individual succulent plants, washed the dirt off of them and placed them on the cake - what an awesome idea (I am totally going to steal it)! After the party the succulents were taken gently off of the cake, washed again and saved by my "grower" mother. 

Even the drinks had to be kept along with the color theme of the party - Topo Chicos and Ginger Ale! I truly admire all attention to details.

In the corner of the backdrop a lamp was placed to bring warmth and light to the foliage. It also kept the glare of the daylight of the window away.  

One of my super talented cousins baked these yummy cupcakes with a berry filling inside. I was almost not eating any thinking they were store-bought!

My sweetest artist friend made this 1+1=3 sign which now hangs in our home.

I think I had about three of these mouth watering chicken croissant sandwiches myself and then hid the rest from others :) Don't forget to notice the food name tags and the green garlands, leis and wreaths surrounding the food.

These were just the appetizers for the party. The rest of the food was on the island counter. We are a huge family with lots of friends and we like to eat, yes :) 

Finally a shot of the overall decor. The window seat was also covered with palm leaves for me to sit on and take way too many (but not enough) pictures with everyone. We laughed and we cried through them and our hearts were filled with so many emotions. My only thought was to time - please slow down...don't run so fast. 


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