DIY: wall sconce cord updo

When I purchased this beautiful globe sconce, I did not notice that it came with a black cord which is going to be an eye sore exposing itself on light colored walls! 

So I immediately plugged in the glue gun to let it heat up and dug up some jute twine from my crafts closet to wrap the black cord and disguise it. I only placed a drop of hot glue at the very start of the twine and then some in between - I did not place glue all over the wire because it did not require it. I tried to wrap the twine around tightly and it worked well in staying together.  

And viola! Now our eyes are directed to the beautiful light fixture and not the hanging black cord. The natural jute blends in nicely with the surroundings and the texture of the twine gives an extra depth. This technique can be applied to a lot of things around the home!