DIY: an instant update - hardware

Cabinet hardware is something I absolutely love to hunt and shop for. What I have found is that there are many kinds of knobs but not too many variations in pulls or bars. And the pulls have to be the exact size if you are updating a piece of furniture that already has the holes drilled for hardware. I have in my collection many cool knobs but not any pulls. Which is why it was particularly difficult for me to update my built in cabinets in the house with cool hardware. So I settled for this combination of a cup pull and a bar pull. I would have loved to get them in a brass finish but there is a huge price difference for that. A brass hardware is much more expensive that it's other counterparts. I have a plan for turning these bronze hardware into gold but I have to be careful with it. I haven't been able to share with all of you my bathroom renovation yet because I was madly looking for cool cabinet pulls. But I think these will do for now. This image is from my mother's room with the built in bookshelf and desk. See how amazing it looks just by switching of the hardware. Its an instant update. You should give it a try!


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