Dwell: a summery botanic dining corner

The way I decorate our home is always in constant evolution. What I mean by that is that I am always changing things up as I stumble upon new ideas and objects. So I cannot say that this is my completed dining space. But our dining table has arrived finally; hence the blog post. The dining is at a point where I can take a breather and focus on other areas of the home. So meet my dining corner. It is part of the kitchen and we chose not to have an additional formal dining space. 

What makes eating here great are the four windows that line the wall. Sunlight streams through them onto the table, the linen, the plates and glasses. Where the windows turn the corner, the glass framed patio door is placed. And this gives a nopen corner view around the dining area. Weekend brunches feel real warm and summery even if it is freezing outside. 

We added the bamboo roman shades to the windows which brought a layer of warmth to the place. I was afraid of the pattern of the chair and the rug colliding but they work since they have complimenting colors. After I ordered the white table I wondered if it would clash with the linen chairs but it looks terrific to me. Our counter granite is black and the white table is a great contrast to it. Hope to share more photos and stories around the house. Enjoy!


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