Dwell: a warm bangladeshi home surrounded by green

This intimate and tastefully decorated home belongs to my artistic cousin and her beautiful family. They live in Canada and the green you see in the pictures is truly that vivid and deeply saturated. The split level house is from the 70's and has four levels - a large basement with lots of storage and a full bath, a cosy living room that leads to the lush backyard, the tv room with the kitchen/dining framed by large windows, and then the private spaces boasting the bedrooms. The home has been completely renovated so it has the wonderful layout with large operable windows and vintage details with all the sleek finishes and furnishings. A lush green outdoor hugs this home tightly all around it. The first photo is a view of the front yard and the street it sits on. 

This is the cozy tv room that leads to the lush backyard.

Tastefully decorated living space with custom shelves containing various memorabilia.

This is a third of their lush backyard. The yard is surrounded with large hedges that act as a boundary or fence. This makes the backyard look even more succulent. 

This wall is at the foyer and it contains art from various parts of the world that the family has travelled to. 

A strip of wall holding a bit of Bangladeshi handicraft.

Contact paper that simulates brick has been creatively used to line the back of these glass doors.

The weather was wonderful and the sunlight just the right warmth. The green was soothing to the eyes.

This is their kid's room. And a map of the world was painted on this wall to depict all the places my nephew has travelled so far. In his three years he has seen a lot!

The adjacent wall holds his library which has been growing before he even arrived into this world. 

There is green all around the home and the neighborhood and the large windows does a wonderful job of framing it. 

More colorful Bangladeshi handicraft adorn the bright white walls.

These Bangladeshi curtains hang in the home office. They mimic the exquisite Nakshi embroidery that is very popular there. Nakhsi embroidery tells a tale and you can see how that is apparent in this fabric. 

Their bedroom was minimal yet dreamy as a bedroom should be.

Their kitchen was fully uptodate but I think this image depicts perfectly the ins and outs of family life. 


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