Travel: a different sight of the river niagara

Our tour of Canada started from Buffalo, NY where our brother-in-law picked us up and took us on a tour of the Niagara en route to crossing the border. We went over to the Horseshoe Falls and then drove parallel to the river, stopped by Niagara on the Lake and then a quick stop at the Whirlpool Aero Car that zips over the lake in a cable car. After that we kept driving adjacent to the river most of the way. We felt it was a beautiful way to get a full tour of the Niagara. I have arranged the photos in reverse. So this first photo is of Niagara at the Lake. Most of the shoreline is inhabited by wonderful lake houses. This small public area here feels almost like a beach and the Toronto skyline can be seen on a clear day.

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When we were driving along with the river, we encountered many scenic spots right off the highway. This was one of those spots. And the winding river can be seen spectacularly here. On the right is Canada and on the left is the US. The countries are divided through the middle of the river.

The cable car may look tiny in this photo but it's actually like a huge basket that can hold about 20 people.

The falls was extremely misty that day. We could hardly look up.

The mist made for some wonderful shots.  Various shades of green and blue made up the river.

It felt like a rain shower next to the falls.

This is the Horseshoe Falls which falls in the Canadian side.

The river cruise that takes people close the falls but is constantly pushed back by the force of the water. You cannot really see anything from down there because of the mist but people ride it for the thrill of it.

There are caves that are curved in directly beneath the Horseshoe Falls and this shot is from that spot. From here the sound and vibration of the water is almost engulfing.

A view of the rainbow bridge in the distance connecting the two countries.

The mist rose and fell with the wind. It was everchanging. 

This is a view from the top where you can see the horseshoe shape. The falls constantly erodes the rocks as it keeps gushing over the bend and this causes it to keep moving back and engulfing the rocks. So it changes everyday bit by bit.


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