Dwell: snow draped dallas

What a tremendous two weeks with an upheaval of the weather in Dallas/Fort Worth! Coming from tropical Bangladesh we take pride in it's torrential monsoon rains. There is nothing like it we say. And the rains are warm which makes every person step outside and drench in it. It's like the rains will wash away everything and renew you. When a Bangladeshi moves to the US, and experiences rain in the West they are saddened. But once they experience snow it is an absolutely breathtaking feeling. We have rain but you have snow.

Last night the husband and I had to drive back home after a game around midnight when the snow storm was at full force. It was immensely dangerous but at the same time incredibly beautiful. There was zero visibility. I now regret not making a video. I was so mesmerized. Images fail to describe what the eyes see. Yet, here are a few shots I sneaked in from last week's snow and the last image is last night's from our terrace. 


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