Travel: dubai - the rendered city

Only when I pulled up this shot from my camera onto my screen I realized how significantly industrial and digital is the look of Dubai. On our way to Bangladesh, we had a day long layover in the city and I managed to take some snaps while sweat dripped down my back in the humid 40 centigrade dusty heat. So high the dust was that day, that buildings got lost in the horizon as if there was fog. Most images looked to me as if it was a three dimensional rendering. There is hardly any green. Everything is paved. Roads look just recently painted. It seemed like I stepped into my architecture school computer screen. The food was mouthwatering since you will find any cuisine there. Also very interesting was the mix of people. NY's melting pot is nothing to the mix of Dubai. You will see a burqa clad woman right next to one in a bikini and that is not the interesting part. What is amazing is that nobody is judging no one. Nobody is staring at the other. Everyone from all over the world are walking past each other happily. I will stop here and let you see just a few shots from all the frenzied ones for you to get a glimpse of the sky-scraping city. 


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