Dwell: hello spring [elephant planter]

Thanks to the longest winter ever, this year's horticulture is a touch to late. It is already the end of March and I have just started planting today. Let's see how it turns out....but I am super ecstatic about the elephant planter that followed me home along with the seedlings for this year's gardening. Check out more photos of that along with what my tiny urban terrace garden. 

These are spinach blooms! All the spinach plants survived the winter successfully by being indoors on the window sill.

Most plants that were hanging out with us inside away from the winter's blasts, shed most of their leaves. But they are sprouting back up very nicely.

I bough two more butterfly looking plants!

Check out how adorable and ethnic this planter is. Have I mentioned my love for elephants?

I am looking for a small bougainvillea to go here and start hanging off the planter.

Mint and kefir lime are hanging out together.

Basil and sage are next to each other here.

The round herb planter has been freshly planted along with the chili assortments in the yellow planter. I shall continue to keep you all updated along this green journey. Plant something!


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