Dwell: produce from the little terrace garden

Summer is rolling in and the plants have been maturing along with their little produce here and there.  This is my first time growing bitter melon, and here is an image from a proud grower :D It's too pretty to eat. Not many people like this vegetable but it's one of my favorite. Yes it is quite bitter. 

Here is one elegant lean broad bean. We happily ate all of them last week. Scroll through this post to see what else has been growing.....

The very old jalapeno plant that has been its healthiest this year. Plants and their lives - so complicated hehe...

The malabar spinach was growing all over the place, taking over the railings of the terrace when I chopped them off and cooked them into a Chinese sauté. 

I am so proud of my green chilis. The plant was almost dead from aphid attacks but there are chilis hanging from almost every branch now. Until the next garden update.....


  1. You are one crazy good gardener and photographer ! Who wouldn't fall for your vegetable shots?!
    (You have a new fan!) :)

    1. Aww, thank you for all your kind words! You also have a new fan here of your blog :D


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