Dwell: buddha's hand

I met this plant at the Houston Garden Center in Pasadena - it is one of the oldest type of citrus known as Buddha's hand or fingered citron. It is very very fragrant with a thick peel and only a small amount of acidic flesh [juiceless]. The citrus will turn yellow when it is ripe. In Asia, it is used to perfume rooms and clothing and sometimes as an offering to Buddha. The closed finger like segments are symbolic of Buddha's praying hands [closed hands].

In Western cooking, the peel is used to zest recipes. The flesh is not as bitter as other citrus and can be eaten like salad or used in cooking. It can replace lime leaves in fish curries. It can also be added to cocktails. I did try some of it :D at the nursery. It is often available at Whole Foods and other organic and gourmet food markets.


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