Food: happy mothers day [three layer cake]

Somebody once said that there are two different kinds of chefs - one who bakes and one who cooks. I am definitely not a baker, because I love to eyeball my ingredients and I don't have a sweet tooth. So, you have to understand that all my sweet dishes are super easy. Like this beautiful cake. Made from only one batter with the very basic ingredients of baking.  But when it comes out of the oven you get a cake with three different delicious layers. The top layer is like a sponge cake, the middle is like a pudding/custard and the last layer is denser than that. It would make a perfect added touch to all the mothers day madness!
Simple ingredients, 

3/4 cup flour; 1/2 cup sugar; 1/2 cup stick butter @ room temp; 2 cups milk @ room temp; 
4 eggs separated @ room temp; 1 tbsp water; 2 tsp vanilla extract

Oven temperature will need to be at 325. You will need an egg beater for this recipe. Don't forget to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. First beat the egg yolks. Then add the sugar, water and vanilla. Add the butter and then the flour. Slowly add the milk into the batter. Make sure the milk is not cold. If you are taking it out of the fridge just place in the the microwave for 30 seconds. And it should be good. Keep this batter aside after everything is mixed in well. Now in a separate bowl beat the egg whites until it forms a cloud. Turn your bowl upside down. If the cloud of egg whites don't move an inch - it is ready. Take one of the beaters out of the machine and use that as your tool to mix this egg white into the batter you prepared earlier. Take a little dollop at a time and mix it in gently. Do not beat. Just slowly mix it in. I used a 9" round pan to bake. The batter will be thin and it came up to the brim of my pan - which was fine. Grease the pan and pour the batter. You will notice that some of the egg whites will rise to the top. This is how the top part will bake like a sponge cake. Place it in the middle rack and bake for 60 minutes. I spread some nutella over my cake and sprinkled with sugar confetti. You can sprinkle powdered sugar or icing - to your liking. Happy Mothers Day!


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