Dwell: marigolds settled in ceramic planters

I have been growing marigold seedlings for the beautiful ceramic planters that I had bought earlier from the thrift store. I waited till they were grown enough to be transferred from their tiny pot. Each plant also has a little bud ready to bloom anytime now. These planters will look absolutely beautiful as a centerpiece on any table or nook in the home. I leave them in the sun for nourishment all day and when needed I bring them indoors for tasteful decor. Check out how to transfer small seedlings to bigger pots so they can grow and flourish.

This small clay pot had been holding the three seedlings since they sprouted.

The new larger pot needs to be filled with potting mix about 2/3 to the top. 

Take the plant out of the pot carefully so that the roots are not damaged. Use a trowel to free the edges of the inside of the pot from the soil.

Carefully - very carefully separate the plants from each other. Most of the roots that are at the bottom of the plant will come off of the plant - this is okay. Make sure the roots directly connected to the plant is not affected. 

Take one plant and submerge its roots into the pot filled 2/3 with soil.

Hold the plant straight with one hand while pouring more soil mix into the pot with your other hand. Fill up the rest of the pot. Don't fill all the way to the brim. Leave a little gap. Finally water the plants. If there is drainage in the planter then great but some planters do not. In this case, water carefully since all the water will stay in the soil. Over watering will kill the plant. Sometimes after plant transfers, the plant might be a little droopy. Don't worry about it. It will perk up once it adjusts to the new environment. 


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