DIY: popsicle stick coasters on this rainy day

Ever since my friend Jyoti presented me with popsicle coasters handmade and painter by her, I have been planning on making my own. Jyoti made the ones in the image below and I loved how they look like beautiful open square windows because of the way she painted them. These coasters are so versatile that any material can be applied over them to make various designs.

You will need,

popsicle sticks; glue gun; glue sticks; scissors; exacto knife; colorful markers; contact paper

First of all line the sticks in the way that you want to make the coasters. I kept the edges rough instead of all lined up. I also made rectangular ones, but you can choose your own style. 

The side that is facing you will be the back of the coaster. Take another stick and generously apply glue on it and lay it diagonally over the sticks. This will be the diagonal support. 

Apply more support sticks on the lined up ones using the glue gun.

This is the top of the coaster. And it looks beautiful as it is. You can choose whatever way you want to decorate it. 

I applied contact paper to the first one. 

I used my exacto knife to cut around the edges of the sticks.

For the other one I used colorful markers to paint over them. Make your own. Make it a group project!


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