Travel: Texas Food Truckin' Fest in Arlington

It was a beautiful blue sunny day with a light breeze in the air plus an array of food trucks waiting in line all ready to serve our appetites! Take a photo tour of my trip. If you have missed it you always have a next time. 

The Ballpark stadium was all open to the food truck festival goers. 

Loved this truck - Short n Sweet!

 The artwork on the trucks were amazing!

Notice the details in the frieze decorated with bas-reliefs of horses and cowboys.

Spaceman bas-relief on the other side!

Across was the view of the Cowboy stadium.

Handsome architecture in the interior.

Maddening crowd!
Mustache lollipops! Oohoo!

Bacon mints! Right on!

Empana Armada won the best truck!

Bombay wraps for the spice lovers.

Little Greek truck had such a beautiful image to view.

This truck was selling the biggest wieners!

One bite and you are there!

The lines were so long that we missed tasting a lot of the food.

Chalk on the pavement fun!

Snow cones in the heat is awesome.

Waiting in line is part of the food truck experience! Of course!

Okay, there was a lot of pork!

Funnel cake fries!

The entire stadium was open to the public.


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