Food: wild rice salad with lentils+crumbled fetta

I was shopping for fresh vegetables at the local Asian market when I found wonderfully packaged multi-grain rice which has a mix of brown, red and black rice along with two kinds of barley and rye berries. When buying grains I always like to see the grains through the packaging. The rice medley inside looked amazing! I thought it would make some flavorful wild rice salad and also be wonderful in soups. My first adventure with it was wild rice salad that we had for dinner last night. It was absolutely delish!

Few simple ingredients, 
1 cup multi-grain rice mix :: 1/2 cup brown lentils :: 1 sage leaf :: 1/2 cup green peas :: salt 
1 tbsp olive oil :: 1 garlic clove :: juice of 1/2 a lemon
1 shallot chopped for garnish :: crumbled fetta cheese for garnish 

Wash the rice and the lentils. Fill a pot with three cups of water along with the grains and the sage leaf. Boil the grains until they are tender. You can also follow instructions on the rice or lentil bag. Right before you are about to drain the liquid add the green peas. They only need a few minutes in the boiling water. Then drain the water out. Make sure nothing is over-boiled or mushy. You want a bit of crunch for the salad. Just bite into one before you drain the water. Remove the sage. 

Take a separate bowl and mix in olive oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic. You can adjust the tanginess of the lemon to your liking by adding more/less. 

Pour the cooked and drained grains into the dressing mixture. Add the salt. Taste and adjust. Garnish with the chopped shallot and the fetta cheese. Enjoy the yumminess! 


  1. This is my type of dish...I love the combination of flavors! I adore both wild rice and lentils and have never put them together! I will now...can't wait to try!

    1. I love love love rice and lentils, especially the crunch. Super easy and super delish! Thank you so much.


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