Dwell: Jack & Harryette Ehrhardt's Turf

Courtesy of my friend, I was honored to attend an afternoon garden tea party hosted by the reputable Harryette Ehrhardt at her historical home on Swiss avenue. An American educator and politician, Harryette served as Democratic member of the Texas House of Reps from 1995 - 2002. When she taught at SMU, Laura Bush was one of her students. Holmes Middle School in Dallas just had their library named in honor of her. The tea party was organised to welcome young emerging girls to inspire them to be policy makers. Guest list reached more than 250 and each room had serving tables filled with cupcakes of all shapes and sizes. Scroll through this post to take a tour into Harryette's 1918 home. 

Looking at the front of the house it isn't so easy to see that there is a lovely front porch and a gigantic lush backyard. The big tree on the left is their actual Christmas tree that is adorned with lights and ornaments and is a spectacle during December. 

The front porch is beautifully organized with rocking chairs, wicker armchairs, stools and various planters. The planters not only hold flowers but also herbs and vegetables. It is quite evident from the decor that she loves folk art.

The interior is warm and cozy and the wingbacks and chesterfields tell you a story of a different time. 

The home is adorned with photographs old and new of Jack and Harryette and their large family. Each room is also adorned with a different kind of chandelier. 

This is the library which is open from the front yard through the back.

State of Texas's china and lone star stamped chairs!

Harryette's collection of teacups and teapots are endless. I had the advantage to peak into her china cabinet!

Strong women - I met so many that day from mayors to judges and criminal prosecutors apart from Harryette herself. I arrived early to find her in a maxi dress running around the house bare feet arranging everything. 

My eyes couldn't get enough of her collection of furniture. She even has a vintage fridge that she uses for the bar. 

Skylights and large windows fill the house with an abundance of light. Beautiful wooden stairs lead up to the light filled attic. 

Image on the left is the children's room. This room holds all of her children's items when they were babies. Each room has it's own fireplace. 

The porte-cocher leads to the car porch/garage. The garage used to be a carriage room!

The green room is where all the plants are transferred in the winter. Taking care of this house can be an overwhelming job. 

Image on the left is of the carriage room which is now the garage. Yes, it is two stories and has it's own terrace. Image on the right is the storage in the garden for all the lovely outdoor furniture. 

The garden decor shows Harryette's quirky side. 

Enormously tall trees spreads out their elegant limbs over the lush green backyard. 

Thanks to Harryette Ehrhardt for such a lovely tea party empowering women. 


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