Food: creamy mushroom soup with chicken+brown rice+oats

A very hearty soup that will make anything and everything feel better. Even though the title says "creamy" - there is no cream in the soup! You know how I strive for eating healthy. So here are the ingredients,

1 lb cubed chicken uncooked :: 1 box (about a pound or more) brown cremini mushrooms 
1 shallot chopped :: 1 cup chopped carrots; handful of chopped kale or spinach or swiss chard
1/2 cup peas :: 6/7 garlic cloves thinly sliced :: 1/3 cup flour :: 1 tsp red chili powder
1/4 tsp cumin powder :: 1/4 cup red wine vinegar :: 1 carton of vegetable broth
1 tsp of dried thyme  :: 1/2 cup oats :: 1/2 cup brown rice(feel free to use any other kind)
1/2 cup whipped yogurt :: fresh parsley :: salt+pepper :: 2 tbsp olive oil 

Heat the olive oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Stir in the garlic slices just until its fragrant. Then add the chopped shallots.

Stir in the chicken pieces in the garlic infused olive oil. 

At this time add the chili powder and the cumin powder and some salt+pepper. Add more red chili powder or chili sauce per your taste buds. 

Add the carrots and peas and stir.

Add the sliced mushrooms. Don't skimp on the amount of mushrooms.

Once everything is mixed together add the flour and stir well.

Pour the red wine vinegar. As you can see I like to eyeball my measurements ;)

Right after the red wine vinegar, pour the entire vegetable stock in. If you want to use any other broth then please do so. I like vegetable broth over all the other ones. It also adds in the health factor. If you want to reduce the amount of broth then replace the rest of the liquid with plain water. 

The grains will need to cook, so add the rice and the oats while the liquid is heating up.

You can also use precooked rice or oats if you have left overs.

Once is starts to boil, cover and cook for half an hour on medium heat. Check to see if the grains have cooked or not. You can add the kale/spinach/shard at this point if you want a little crunch. Otherwise add the leaves before covering the pot. 

Beat the yogurt in a bowl. Be my guest if you want to use cream instead of yogurt.

Right before serving mix in the yogurt, a pinch of sugar and the parsley and enjoy!


  1. this looks amazing. i know what to make for dinner tonight [:

  2. Thank you love! It does taste really good. You will enjoy it.

  3. This is my dinner tonight...:-)


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