Food: detoxing

After a crazy month overseas eating scrumptious feasts and chowing down mouth watering greasy street food, it is time to detox. My husband and I are taking on the 3 day detox cleanse recommended by none other than Dr. Oz. Its a simple 3 day cleanse, but it might be difficult to stay away from real food. But you will feel good. At lease we do. We feel lighter and less stuffier for sure. The morning smoothing is red and pretty good; the lunch drink is green and not so tasty; the dinner drink is blue and tastes pretty good as well. The best way to do this is to have everyone in your home do it, otherwise it will be very difficult watching others eat and chew. The purpose is to detox your body but the side effect is temporary weight loss. You will most probably gain this weight back on the return to normal eating. Today is day 2 for us - wish us luck!


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