DIY: baby wish tree

Last week was my sister-in-law's baby shower. I was asked to make a baby wish tree and so here I am sharing my process with you. It was my first time making one, so don't judge :D. I used a clay planter, foam core, branches (some collected from the park and some from Hobby Lobby), pebbles, card stock paper, markers, ribbons, pencil, scissors, and a hole puncher. 

I began by wrapping the ribbon around the pot. You can go overboard with painting and decorating the pot in various ways. But I wanted to keep it simple yet elegant. 

The ribbon was the same width as the top band of the pot which was important in terms of proportion. 

When I bought the pot I also bought a foam core that fit perfectly inside the pot to hold the branches. 

I placed the branches all over the foam keeping enough distance between each other so that the wish cards can be easily hung. 

Then I poured the pebbles inside the pot - this not only covered the foam base but also gave additional support to the branches. 

Voila! The tree is done. Now it is time to make the wish cards. 

I took a large card stock paper and drew out the shape that I wanted. You can create any shape - birds/leaves/onesies/etc.  

Then I cut the shape out. Once the shape was cutout, I used it as a guide to draw several others so that all of them are the same size. Then I cut out all of them together at one time. 

I lined the edge of the card with a marker. I used different colors but you can do monotones or earth tones as well as baby tones!

Final touches were to hole punch and loop a string around it. 


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