DIY: project stain

This thrift store frame was wonderful in the sense that it was detailed in joining two pieces of interlocking wood.  I know I usually give my frames a paint makeover but I also do appreciate beautiful aged wood. It is hands down the most beautiful material ever. So this time I wanted to change the stain of the two interlocking pieces so that the connection is visible to everyone else without an architecture degree. 

I used the MINWAX stain finish in a natural walnut. I find this finish very very beautiful.

I did a overall wash on the entire frame first. And then I had to go over and over on the piece I wanted to darken. It took me a day to finish everything.  I love how it has small chips and dents on the wood depicting time and strength of the material. 

Our very close friend Ishti Shama took this photo of us at an afternoon baby shower.


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