Travel: i heart austin

For my birthday this year, my loving husband took me to this place in Austin called Travaasa. Its a resort/spa which is set on more than 200 acres of land and has lots of outdoor/indoor activities and of course ultimate relaxation. We could only manage to spend one day here, so couldn't take part in all the amazing things they had in store. To get there we drove on this dark windy road lined with tall trees while I thought that we must be lost. All of a sudden, by proving me wrong, this small gate appeared out of nowhere. We were let in and then it wrapped and climbed up toward the top of a hill into our destination. We woke up late and were struck by a view that can take your mind far far away.

I fell in love with the pool that overlooked an impressive view. It was just so so relaxing. I had to pull myself out of the water with a tan that I did not need. 

We drove down to downtown and came across The San Jose Hotel and made a decision that this was going to be our next stay. Its tucked nicely right on Congress Ave!

We left my beloved city with belly full of food truck delish. 


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