Food: quick quesadilla

Last minute dinner recipe - fast, easy and yum quesadillas. The first one is a cheese and salsa quesadilla. You will need, 

2 tortilla
Any salsa you have on hand
Any cheese 

Lightly drizzle some oil in the pan and place your first tortilla. Set temperature at medium low. 
Sprinkle cheese on top of tortilla. 
Now take a spoon and evenly lay out the salsa. I had a bean and corn salsa which worked great. 
Now sprinkle some more cheese on top of the salsa. The cheese not only adds flavor but also holds everything together. 

Now place the second tortilla on top of all of that. You can easily layer this recipe with chopped onions, cilantro, etc. Keep this covered for about 5 mins. 
Flip once and cover and keep for 5 more mins - and you are done!
This next one is a cheese and egg quesadilla - more like breakfast menu. You will need, 

2 tortillas
1 egg beaten
Any cheese

This time place the cheese around the edges of the tortilla in a mound - so that the egg stays mostly in the middle. 

Then pour the egg in the center. Despite my efforts, the egg managed to go all over the place. 
Sprinkle some salt and fresh black pepper on top of the egg. You can easily layer this with salsa, onions, cilantro, etc. Now place the other tortilla on top and keep covered. 
Flip and keep covered for a few more minutes and guess what - dinner is served. 


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