DIY: oval mirror refinished

I absolutely love picking up vintage mirrors. This time I found this lovely oval mirror. It had so many insets on its frame that I thought of painting a different color on each of them. First be sure to clean all the creases very well. Once you start painting you will find those dust particles caught between your paintbrush. And its no fun. 

I wanted to use pastel colors in acrylic. I painted the first layer on the inside inset of the frame with a mint pastel. You can mask the mirror with tape before you paint but if you have a steady hand, then you should be fine. And acrylic is usually pretty forgiving. 

I painted the thicker inset a pale green. Again I was careful with the edges where the two paint met.  

My next layer was a pastel purple. 
I used a metallic gold paint marker to line the edges to give it some depth. 

The last layer on the sides of the mirror - I painted in off-white. 

And this is the final outcome!


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