DIY: glass sconce planter

So I picked up this glass sconce from the lighting section at the Restore shop by Habitat. I was thinking of how to recycle it and the shape reminded of clay pots. Scroll below to see how easily I turned it into a magnificent planter. 

There was a big opening at the bottom where the light bulb would go in. I had to cover that with something. So I found a scrap chipboard from my studio bag and cut out the exact same round shape from it. 

Before glueing it on, I had to remember to cut another small opening for the water to drain. 
Just like this! I used hot glue for this. 

I also placed a draining plate at the bottom. It can be any kind of plate. I just happened to have clay ones floating around my garden. 
Now its time to place the soil inside. 
And the plant goes in next. 
For  final touches I placed some pebbles on top of the soil around the plant.


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