Dwell: garden update

Among everything that I have planted, the harvest is good and bad. Here is my cherry tomato plant, which has grown to be a ginat (see how the image shows the balcony rail - the plant is way past that). I had to tie the long branches to parts of the rail. But every branch has 5/6 tomatoes on each of them. Although some of the smaller branches are drying up. I chopped those off and will be waiting to see what happens. 
Here is my basil - strong as the last time. I have a feeling I need to do a pot transfer. 
This is my green chili. I have 5 plants here, and they keep blooming long hot green chilis almost every day. Very happy with them.  
My jalapeno finally decided to produce. Besides the big one, notice the smaller ones at the top ready to grow. 

The eggplant is still sprouting large new leaves - but sadly no eggplant yet.   
The lemongrass keeps overgrowing and I keep giving them to my friends. 
The mint is as healthy as the basil. But I do notice some black ants sometimes. I have to find out if I should do something about it. Hmm... 
This is my enormous tomato vine - again sadly like the eggplant no tomato! There were 3/4 flower blooms but they dried and gave no produce. There are new blooms right now, so I am going to see what happens this time and then take some action. 
My salad chilis are doing well just like before. The chili plants seem to thrive well!
These veggie vines are still taking their sweet time to grow big enough to produce anything. But they are so beautiful!
Even though these are tiny vines, you will notice that the flowers are in bloom. I wonder if there will be any produce from such small plants.  
This is what I am the most excited about right now! Look at those okra growing rapidly. Makes me happy. 
The same situation with these vines - they bloom but dry out. There are a fresh batch of blooms this week. So I will find out soon. 
This is my arugula - I basically could eat the entire plant!
My papaya plant grew large leaves but they all dried out. I am just glad there is still something left over. Plus there are new sprouts in the soil!
This is my enormous lemon tree. This tree is mainly for its leaves. The leaves are so fragrant! I put them in fish curries and my husband puts them in soups. It smells amazing!
Here are my flowers/ferns - this is my butterfly plant and its blooming all over since I have placed it in the shade. 
I made a hanging planter with two kinds of blue flowers. They are just so lovely and welcoming in front of our main door. 
After I pruned my rose plant, it has become much more healthy. Yay!


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