DIY: my dresser

Yes, I finally found a dresser! I love love love midcentury modern style and I found this on craigslist, of course. It was already in good condition except that it was missing handles (well I would have them replaced anyway). Also the top had a white laminate which I did not like. 

Let me explain my process. So this is what I did to the top. I painted a pattern over it, freehand, with Sharpie Paint Pen. 

It took me awhile......but I did it! And I love it! I like doing stuff like this if you can't already tell. 

I bought wonderful knobs from Etsy. The dresser had 2" holes for handles, but I put two knobs instead of placing a handle. 

I bought a beautiful mirror from the Vineyards Antique Mall in Colleyville. Originally I was going to buy a big round mirror, and it was almost impossible to find. I guess whenever I am looking for something frantically, it never comes to me. Well, during my search I found this one instead and could not leave it at the store. 

I lined the drawers with this very elegant black and white pattern. After I placed my jewelry boxes and a frame of us two on top, everything started to come together. The vanity lamp and the floor lamp completed the look and function that I was after. Finally my bedroom is all done. I will post photographs of the rest of my bedroom soon!


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