TRAVEL: Dallas Farmers Market

After having planned for months, we (me and my bestie Donna) finally made it to the Dallas farmers market. We bought bags full of veggies and fruits, boxes full of plants, and even brought home tacos and tamales!

Super Sweet Melon!
So were the tomatoes and oranges!

The local honey is a very good investment. Did you know that if you take local honey it protects you from your allergies? And its also a very good substitute for white sugar.

I think I bought as many plants as
I will have a post coming up soon
on my veggie garden with my
new plants. 

The vegetables were so fresh and vibrant.....I cannot wait to cook them! Just look at that bucket full of okra.....and of course those chilis!

Once we stepped into the nursery, I had lost all track of time.


If I had the place for it, I would definitely get one of these banana trees.


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