Food: dry beef with chili

I acquired this recipe from a friend and then of course modified it! First thing is to marinate the beef fajita strips in - 

2 tbs soysauce
1 tbs of worcestershire sauce
1 tbs of corn flour
1 tbs of flour
sriracha chili sauce
1 egg
pepper/salt/lime juice

Marinate for about a couple of hours at least. 

Meanwhile julienne cut ginger and bell peppers.

Throw in some green chilis in there. Then soak all of this is 2 tbs of soy sauce. Keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan. I used my cast iron skillet because I love the color it gives the meat. Start frying the meat in the oil in moderately high flame.
The meat needs to be a little charred oh both sides.
So keep stirring. I could have charred it some more.
After it has charred, pour about half a cup of hot water.
Then toss in the vegetables. Try to avoid the soy sauce which the vegetables were soaked in.
After some more stirs, taste, adjust, and plate. I plated mine with some whole grain couscous and more sriracha. Delish!


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