Dwell: Spring Garden

So, finally I found myself a Sunday to get some dirt under my nails. Its just so soothing and therapeutic to spend some time with the earth and it's green. This first image is my round herb planter. I keep replanting herbs in this year round. Some live and some die out.....and then I plant some more!

This is my rose plant, or shall I say what is left of it. I had to bring it inside when the weather turned cold, and it did not take this temperature change well. Lets see how it does in the new soil. 
I call this one my butterfly plant. It keeps dying out and then springing out to surprise me every time. And this has been going on for years. I call it a butterfly because at night the leaves close up to take the shape of a butterfly and then opens up during the day. 

This is my mint. I have planted two different kinds in the same pot - one which has bigger leaves and the other is like a vine with smaller leaves. 
This is my tomato plant. It will be my first time growing tomato. Really looking forward to it. 
My sister gave me this chili plant. It grows purple chilis that are not hot at all. I use them in salads. There are a lot of blooms on it this month. 
These pots have all sorts of vegetable seeds that I have planted in them. I had some saved from the vegetables I ate, and some are from my friend's mother's garden. There are beans/bitter gourd/papaya/zucchini....and some more. The terrible part is that I have no clue which pot has which! I can only find out once they sprout. Can't wait!
And this is my lovely view to my verandah with my little urban garden from my living room.....


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