DIY: thrifted jar upgrade

I had bought this jar from a thrift store years ago to store bathroom essentials. The wood lid was intact at that time and I liked the feel and texture of it's authenticity then. Over the years of its use, the wood has worn out and the knob at the top became lose. So I decided it was time for a makeover. 

First thing I did was take the knob off. I painted that first and let it dry.

I wanted the lid to be colorful and fun. I used acrylic paint from Michaels.  The blue and white acrylic was very pigmented and went on smoothly over the wood. Other lighter colors needed multiple coats or a white base underneath it.  

After painting the base, I chose to paint something in Bangla over it. Just like my bathroom bin project, I a chose Bangladeshi movie name for it. 

I think it turned out to be quite the fun project.

I always think pink and green compliment each other and it really pops over the indigo blue.
I use this jar to store my cotton swabs because its the same height as swabs making it easy to store them and take them out for use. 

The text says "Jonmo Theke Jolchi" - a Bangla movie from 1982. It's English name is "Face to Face" although the text actually translates to - burning since birth. Once I completed this project I realised that it would be more appropriate to store matches in this jar!


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