dwell: neutral over neutral [dining space]

Accent walls can be really effective in enhancing the feel of a space. But people often make the mistake in thinking that any wall can become an accent wall, and then they automatically go with a bold color. This dining room wall was a very overwhelming red....and the eye would naturally be drawn to the wall and everything else in the room became instantly insignificant. Since it is the longest wall of this room, it also made the room feel smaller. 

The room felt instantly calm once I painted the primer to cover the deep red. I am a big fan of layering neutrals over neutrals in terms of furniture as well as for outfits. And I had the chance to do it in this room. Our small dining set of four was already in a neutral base. To compliment that, we started looking for a hutch to fit all of our china, since the kitchen barely fits our cooking utensils and pantry. I knew that if the hutch was wood or any other darker hue it would overpower over everything else because of its size. I needed the hutch to blend in like a built-in would and serve its main function of providing storage. We had no plans to purchase it from IKEA but they had this in display - two next to each other. And it seemed the perfect piece and so we also have two side by side making it look like a larger piece. It was a pain in the butt to put both of them together and I made mistakes along the way, but in the end it fits in the space perfectly. I am also enjoying rearranging objects and crockeries on its open shelves. 

I had already decided that the round rattan mirror will go on this wall against the dining. And once I placed it, I started looking to see what other round wall decor I had. The only thing new on this wall is the colorful round basket at the bottom which I bought from a thrift store here in Seattle called the Value Village. 

The hutch came with basic door handles which I switched out with ones I had in hand.

The most important thing left to do is for us to find a light fixture for this room to replace the boring existing one. This space will feel incomplete till we do so. Till then, enjoy this post!


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