Dwell: a very formal sitting room

In contrast to a "family room"or a "drawing room",  "living rooms" are located near the main entrance to the house. It almost acts as a reception room for guests in to the home for a more formal and quiet entertaining. Most often the choice of design and decor creates this separation of spaces. In this post I am sharing a very dear family friend's formal sitting room where you can see that there is a "formality" in the choice of furniture, design and decor. Even the color, lines and symmetry in the wall decor adds a particular discipline and authority. The furniture also suggests order in the manner of it's structure and design. A formal sitting room usually do not accommodate for a television, which is why the furniture is arranged more in a manner that suggests conversation around a central space. There are usually enough surfaces for keeping that tea cup or wine glass. Whereas the "family rooms" suggest lounging and leisure, the "formal sitting room" is more serious and orderly. In this particular sitting room order is brought in the application of classical shapes and geometry. The various shades of blue add a layer of calmness and soothes the eye while the white and neutrals brighten the space up all over.


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