Dwell: a bathroom remodel

In the photo labeled "before" it is not evident that the original tiles from when this house was built was a deep bottle green. I am the sort of person who often forgets to take good photos before starting to change something. But yes, when we saw the bottle green tiles in this bathroom we knew it had to go. It was so shiny that it seemed wet, as if someone had just recently mopped it. After the contractors managed to remove the old tiles, there was a layer of thick green tile dust all over the surfaces of this bathroom. We also hated the sky blue that covered all the wall surface. We did not have a big budget which is why all the fittings and fixtures stayed as they are. 

These are the things we changed - 
- new grey natural marble tiles
- new mirrors
- new wall finish and paint (there was a thick textured wall finish before in the sky blue) 
- new lighting
- new cabinet hardware

I have plans to do some hand painting on the white walls but for now a bird wall decal is suffice. The 80's tub is something that will need to be replaced along the way since it is too small and is wearing out. We remodeled this bathroom soon after we had moved in but I don't feel it is completed which is why I have taken so much time to share it here with all of you. But my friends have advised me that the in-between stages should also be documented and shared and not left out. So here it is. I will keep sharing updates of course. Enjoy!


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