Dwell: concrete tiles with grass grout

Concrete tiles with grass as grout have always fascinated me as a simple tool for outdoor design. It is not nearly complete since the grass needs to be thoroughly pampered to be able to deepen it's roots and also my vegetable and herbs along the brick wall needs a lot of growing up to do. 

This rectilinear patch of grass to the left of our pergola which we never really used for anything. The trellis on the brick wall came with the house and our water line sits left adjacent to it. There was a partial concrete walkway near on of the exit doors of the backyard and that is what triggered the idea in my head - to complete the concrete path. 

The concrete path would connect from the exit turning at the water hose pipe to the stairs of the wood deck (as you can see in the top completed image). The are near the hose pipe would always be wet creating mud that would get on our flip flops. So the concrete path made total sense. Then I kept thinking about what to do inside the leftover square green space. Our yard and lawn has a lot of grass already and I wanted to reduce water consumption. So this was a perfect place to do the concrete tiles with the grass grout. We would't have been able to do it without our lawn guys. They did an exceptional and detailed job - but it took a long time. Even after completion, it took several weeks of time and gallons of water for the new grass to sprout. With time I am hoping it will look even more lush - but I just had to share it with you all. If you have some space then do this and reduce your water consumption!


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