Food: a bangladeshi thali

We tried a new South Indian restaurant this weekend where we ordered Indian thalis. Indian thalis are large plates with rice or naan accompanied by several little bowls of various curries. I really enjoy eating Indian thalis and they are quite popular here in the Western part of the world now. But it made me come up with a version of my own Bangladeshi thali. The thali - I feel symbolizes basically the way we eat our food. It consists of two or three vegetarian items, a fish item or a meat item (or both), and it always ends with lentils. The white rice is quintessential to our food although it is quite healthy because it is parboiled and everything is brought together with lime/cucumber/green chilies/pickles. In concept it is similar to the way Koreans eat which is why we enjoy that cuisine so much as well. In large joint families which was very common in Bangladesh and it's surrounding countries and still are in places, each family member were served their portions in small bowls and this was done so that everyone gets a fair portion to eat. My mother shares these memories with me since by the time I was born the families started to separate into their own abodes. 

My Bangladeshi thali has the following items -
*Parboiled Rice or Bhaat
*Snake Gourd Stir-fried or Chichinga/Kushi Bhaji
*Broad Beans Curried or Shim er Torkari
*Curried Drumsticks or Shojner Torkari
*Curried Plantains or Kach Kolar Torkari
*Chicken Liver/Gizzard Curry or Murgir Lotpoti
*Lentil Curry or Daal


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