DIY: sailor-navy themed indoor/outdoor graduation party

My super creative nieces/nephews and their friends were at it once again! Remember this graduation party? It was for my niece who graduated from college. Well this time my nephew graduated from high school and is on his way to get a bachelors. So they used the same backdrop but a totally different theme - sailor/navy - for his big party!

Everything they made was from cutting/pasting/gluing/hammering - you name it! Check out the entire party..

The dressed up table was used to host the desserts along with the celebration cake. Everything on this table was well thought of to go with the theme and the colors.

Somehow, they also managed to incorporate the various desserts that different people made to go with the flow of the decor!

The banner was all handmade by my super creative family.

The fish net may go unnoticed but it ties everything well together.

My niece's friend Sofia made these little notecards that helped explain all the ethnic food.

Everything that you can image might belong to a ship was on this table!

Super creative Sofia drew these little sailor logos all freehand!

Details! Details! Details!

My husband, my nieces/nephews and their friends - we all took turn taking photos. This particular photo was taken by my beautiful niece Ramisa. She is a very talented photographer.

These delightful sweets were made by my wonderful sister-in-law. They were a super hit!

Who remembers these from my blog? My favourite thing to make for a quick dessert item. I am forever grateful to a wonderful sister Jhumu Apu for this idea. Find the recipe here.

Among setting up the decor my nieces/nephews also managed to make mouthwatering appetizers.

This box was in the making when I took this shot. Sometimes an image of the process is much more beautiful and insightful than the finished product. This box was kept at the entry of the house for guests to wish the graduating boy something nice.

This is my sister's lush backyard. This was where all the drinks were. There was a sudden rain shower while we were all outside and ofcourse it added more fun to the madness!

Amazing drinks table courtesy of my sister's creative kids. They seriously thought of everything! How cute is this setup!

Do you notice the mason jars? Well they also decked these up themselves in a mad rush before the guests arrived.

 This was a drink made with ginger ale + mint + strawberries!

This was iced tea along with lemon water.

The rootbeers and sodas were in a beautiful blue bucket on a bed of ice and the orange drink was the best drink made from mangoes and mandarines.

I have to mention the super creative Noreen and Sofia who are the masterminds behind these parties and super awesome Reedma and Noumi and Naeel (the graduating big boy who helped all throughout for his own party). This was my favorite spot in the house where they used my sister's large mirror to hang pictures from the graduating day which was the day before and the signs depicting his name that they took to the convocation. Here is to a bunch of creative people who I am lucky to call family!


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