Food: sunday afternoons in the kitchen

Yes, I have been tardy with my weekly posts. I apologize. Therefore, I have decided to share my mundane cooking shenanigans. Usually I try to cook a few things on Sundays so that we can have a nice sit-down meal at home on the weekend and also to end up with some leftovers to take for lunch the following week. But these are not the experimental recipes that get me excited and make me want to share with the world. Those experiments are usually done on the weeknights for quick dinners. Given that it is winter time, by the time I complete my experiments it gets dark and I cannot take a decent picture. Anyways, enough of my blabbering. So today I made a chicken curry, stir fried mixed vegetable, tilapia fillet curried with broad bean pods, salmon quinoa cakes which are on the blog here, and yes you read that right - fish head stir fried with broad beans.  


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