Food: squash curry with shrimp [shrimp optional]

My friends always ask me to add more and more vegetarian recipes to my blog. I personally love eating and preparing vegetable dishes yet vegetables are heavily underrated compared to surf and turf. Cooking squash this way with shrimp is a very traditional Bangladeshi preparation. But the shrimp can be easily omitted out. In this particular recipe I have used long squash but other vegetables such as zucchinis, summer squash, even cucumbers can be used. This particular dish is effortless in the way that you prepare everything in one pot and then set it on the stove and it basically cooks itself. There is no frying or sauteing involved. Isn't that incredible?


1 medium squash :: 1 medium onion :: 1/2 lb peeled shrimp :: 3/4 green chilies
1/3 tsp turmeric powder :: 1/3 tsp red chili powder :: 5/6 garlic cloves
1/2" ginger root :: oil+salt+sugar :: 1/2 cup whole milk or coconut milk      

Cut the squash into small pieces. The long squash needs to be peeled but others don't need to. Place the squash pieces in your preferred cooking pot. Now add the peeled shrimp. I chopped up the shrimp to smaller chunks. It is totally upto you how and what type of shrimp you want to use. If you choose to use the small sized shrimp then there is no need to chop them up. Take the garlic and the ginger and grate them and add them to the pot.

Now add all the other spices and condiments except for the milk and the green chilies into the pot. I used 1/3 cup of oil. Also save the sugar for the last act. Mix everything well and set this pot on the stove at medium high heat. Add a cup of hot water into the pot and cover it. When the squash starts to soften add the cup of milk. If you are opting out the shrimp, then using coconut milk will be the better choice since it will add more flavor than regular milk. When the squash is completely cooked and the milk is incorporated add a pinch of  sugar. This sugar will bring out the sweetness of the squash. Toss in the green chilies and you are done! Bon apetit!


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