Dwell: summer's ceaseless rain

Summer is officially hear with ceaseless rain which brings great growth to my vegetable garden. I have two cherry tomato plants this year and they have been producing heavily. And the turning of their colors are so beautiful. Check out more photos of the other harvest......

These are broad bean flowers, and you can see what they give birth to in the image below.

Here is a tiny bitter-melon. Sometimes these tiny growths fall apart or dry out, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.  

That eggplant has grown to it's fullest. It just needs to stay on a little longer before I am ready to devour it. 

My dearest jalapeno plant has survived over three years now passing each winter successfully and producing great jalapenos every summer. 

These peppers are a little deformed, both the jalapeno in the top picture and the chili in the lower image but I find them even more special. 


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